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The JPIB project

The goal of this project is to provide a convenient set of Java classes to enumerate, take control and use IEEE488-compliant devices.

These classes hide the platform-dependant pieces of code, allowing one to write once and deploy anywhere any virtual instrumentation program.

This project has also to researchs to develop self-adaptating and plug-and-play instruments networks using a new Java-based technology known as Jini. Further informations can be obtained by mail to jdricot@ulb.ac.be and is enclosed in the paper referenced hereafter.


J-M Dricot, Ph. De Doncker, M. Dierickx, F. Grenez and H. Bersini(2001)
Development of distributed self-adaptative instrumentation networks using JINI technology
In 2001 IEEE International symposium on virtual and intelligent measurement systems.

Developer's Corner

This project is currently available as binary and source.
Current implementation works for Windows platform and is available via the links hereafter.


Simple code example
Complete JavDOC documentation of the library
Direct access to the project on SourceForge.net

Open Source Edition

You can contribute to this project or get the latest release through our CVS server.